15 November 2014…

The day before Laura’s death.

From her facebook.

Anne Taylor

She also shared a post:

“Father loses wife, sings to dying son.

Chris Picco takes a guitar into the intensive care unit and sings The Beatles’ song ‘Blackbird’ to his baby Lennon. Lennon was delivered by emergency C-section at 24 weeks when Chris’ wife Ashley unexpectedly and tragically passed away in her…”

Two days before her death, two WhatsApp messages. She called herself Noura, meaning ‘light’.

2014/11/14, 2:18:20 AM: Noura: I Love You more than anything in this World. Yet I silence my Truth because seeing you Happy is All that matters to me. You have a beautiful Heart and blessed in so many ways. You are Beautiful. I Love You…And thank you for the Gift you have Given me.

2014/11/14, 4:14:02 AM: Mubarak Bin Fahad: U so sweet my darling

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