Laura’s Music

If there is any one piece of music that Laura listened to the most it was Lady by Kenny Rogers…her song for her and Mubarak…and in a room full of people on January 2012, he played it for her…page 158 from Laura’s Voice Whispers from an Angel…”And when you turned up the volume of our song…my heart and eyes just glowed…”

16 November 2014. From Laura…she was listening to this music in the early hours of the morning on the day of her death…the first piece of music.

The second piece of music that Laura posted on her facebook on the day of her death.

Over the years Laura sent many links of music videos to Mubarak. These are the final two posted on facebook on 3 November 2014…for Mubarak…

Sent at 1:47:59 AM

The second one at 1:48:38 AM

18 days before Laura’s death…for you Mubarak…






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