Mark Saunokonoko – investigative journalist

“What a harrowing, infuriating and unjust story. Really incredible reporting about something that was clearly never meant to be made public but should be.”

“Jaw-dropping cover-up. Well done for its exposure.”

These are two comments which were made after investigative journalist Mark Saunokonoko’s article was published, in which he disclosed the final piece of evidence from Luis Camara, and exposed the government of Dubai’s lies about the circumstances of Laura’s death.

Mark contacted me on the facebook page I created for Laura, and from start to finish it took more than a year to put together the article and have it published. He kept me updated along the way, and finally gave me the closure that I so desperately needed, the very thing that Dubai denied me, effectively calling me a liar.

The land of smoke and mirrors…

Thank you Mark for your tenacity and your well written article.

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