A recent comment on the first Youtube video I made for Laura

Thank you Lindy for listening to Laura’s story on her Youtube video and for your comments. Laura was all alone when she died and that was one of the reasons why I went to Dubai, I needed to stand on the observation deck at exactly the same time she took her life four months earlier. I needed to stay in the same hotel/apartments where she had lived for the last month of her life, and I had to visit shops and places, following the images she had posted on her Facebook. I had to see the CCTV footage of the last minutes of her life.

It is not only wealthy men that enjoy tormenting women. They come from all walks of life. Women too. Laura was obsessed with Mubarak, clinging to the pain he brought her, and she couldn’t move on. Three days before her death they were together. May her body burn on his forever.

I did hate him for a while but I eventually managed to let go of the hatred. Laura would not have wanted me to hate him.

You will never be forgotten, my beautiful daughter.

“I am so sorry for your loss. I am so sorry for laura and how sad and lonely her final moments are. Hopefully, she can see from heaven how much her mother loved her despite any differences they had and how her mom did her best to do right by her daughter. How does that man who led her on like that for years and then broke her heart so cruelly live with himself? This poor woman…she was too gentlehearted, naive, and naive for this world. These Arab billionaires and wealthy men are heartless, ruthless, narcissistic animals in human form that operate on a demonic level that no normal, loving human can handle. I hope divine justice is served.”

Divine justice will be served.

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