a note from a reader

On 12 August I received this caring email from a reader who wishes to remain anonymous. Thank you ‘anonymous’.

“Hi Leona,

I just went down a rabbit hole reading about the Burj Khalifa and saw a couple lines on Wikipedia regarding your daughter. I ended up finding your website and reading through it. It is such a sad tale, and I’m sorry that Laura, you, and your family had to go through so much. 

I guess I’m emailing because I saw that as recently as July of this year, on her birthday, you’re still posting updates to the website. I wanted you to know that random people like me do stumble upon her story and that it isn’t lost. I’m also glad that at least today when I looked, the Wikipedia article states the truth about the coroner’s report and the emails indicating the real location of her death.

There is no pain that I’ve experienced in my life that would be comparable to yours, but I do hope that you’re able to move on while still honoring Laura’s memory. I will remember her story and share it when I can. May you and your family find happiness. Best.”

There are two reasons why I have not blogged for quite some time.

I was battling with my healing process and needed to move away from Laura and her story for a while. I am pleased to say that at last, I am in a much better place, and can finally move on with my life, but never forgetting Laura, or the immense sadness of her death. I know that she would not have liked me to be tormented and to suffer for as long as I have. Nearly eight years. For a long time, I was almost split into two people, one that would try to be normal and cope with everyday life, and the other a tortured mess. At one stage I disappeared and even morphed into Laura, the pain was so intense. I have now become one again and I am allowing myself to live, no longer as the dead living. I have forgiven myself and am at peace with Laura. But some days it still hits hard…

The second reason why I don’t blog regularly is that Laura’s story is diluted on internet searches with my stories, obscuring important details about her death. I created this website for her so that her story will never be hidden again.

Thank you to everyone who has been following my blog, and more importantly, Laura’s story.

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