10 July…in memory of the murders of Neda Soltani and Farkhunda Malikzada

Main image: Photograph of Neda Soltani by Caspian Makan.

From Laura, 10 July 2009 speaking out about injustice and outrage. Another martyr, this time in Iran.

“Was There a need for this…???!!!!”

“She was Beautiful…a Light and Spark of Allah…

Sad…but maybe Allah chose her to be his symbol and calling…how ionic is her name.”

Neda means the calling.

A Symbol of the Calling…representing everybody on that day…

The Brutality that goes on in this world…greed, selfishness pride, arrogance, and recklessness…harming innocent people without a second thought…just because they want to be heard…SHAME ON THIS WORLD

Iranian Angel…Seen as a Call to many around the World…”


A couple of months ago I blogged about the murder of Farkhunda Malikzada in Kabul, Afghanistan.



This video is very sad…

The inhumanity of man. Thinking of these two brave woman that died for what they believed in.

Farkhunda’s murder was particularly cruel and brutal. May every person that was involved in her killing face Allah’s wrath…for those that believe in religion. May religious justice prevail where the law is lacking. How could anyone have participated in this mob slaying of an innocent pure young woman.

Rest in peace. Your hearts are in mine. No one can hurt you now.

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