Escape from the sorrows of this world…

Image: a photograph I took yesterday as I was sitting in the car. Sometimes beauty is right in front of us and yet we don’t see it. The autumnal colours touching the leaves, the leaves creeping along the brick wall. Every leaf in nature is unique. As we are. Find the beauty wherever you can and celebrate the innocence of life.

This morning started off as every morning does. I turned the alarm off and went downstairs to make my first mug of coffee. Back upstairs I was reluctant to open the patio door, to breathe in the fresh air and listen to the birds and the bees, the sky slowly lighting to the day. About a month ago, on a Saturday morning at around 10.30am I heard a noise downstairs and walked down the stairs to investigate. Standing next to the television was a total stranger. He had gained access through the open doors leading onto the patio from the upstairs lounge. I won’t go into more detail but in South Africa when something like this happens the homeowner is only too thankful that him/her and his/her family escaped being attacked, raped or murdered. He was caught and is in jail awaiting trial. My peace of mind has gone, as has my early morning meditation with nature, and I feel jittery if the alarm is not on. Not a way to live. It’s time to take back my routine and not run scared.

But then my small mishap is minor compared to the horrors of this world. Looking at the news this morning I just feel hopeless at the future of life on earth, and that includes the voiceless.

This sad world. We are too far gone to ever go back, and the destruction will continue. Cry my beloved world.

But back to my small world, I put off the alarm and opened my patio door and immediately I had my first visitor. A bee. It flew around the light bulb in the lamp on my bedside table and I could hear its wings being singed. I grabbed one of my tops and rescued it, putting it back outside. A few minutes later it was back and I rescued it once again, then turned off the light. That seemed to do the trick.

I find nature so soothing and I am grateful to experience it daily. A little squirrel visits my garden a few times a day, the pair of double-collared sunbirds have returned after a few months absence. There is also a pair of Olive Thrushes, some Cape White-eyes, and three doves, apart from the birds which I hear but don’t see. I love discreetly watching them as they drink water and bathe in the little concrete bath nestled in the lush greenery at the foot of the large palm tree. The garden is so peaceful.

A lot of people aren’t as fortunate as I am but what do we have in common? What do we share? We all share the sky, the sun, the moon and the stars, nature’s masterpieces and a gift to us. I share the sky with you.

One of many photographs which I have taken of the sky.

And on this peaceful note I am sharing some of Laura’s songs which she posted and listened to. I listen to them too…

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