Before my visit to Dubai. I explored every avenue to try to understand how Laura could have fallen to her death from the 148th floor of the Burj Khalifa…

A video of the annual firework displays on New Years’ Eve, 2014, and my comments beneath it (5 years ago). The initial comment before my visit to Dubai. My husband died from cancer on 15 December and I was going into free fall…

“Would it be possible to fall from the Sky Observation Deck on the 148th Floor. Are there sliding doors?”

After my visit to Dubai. Someone replied to my post.

“No, you will not fall. There is a sliding door which separates the inner rooms and the outer observatory but you will not fall as there are 6-7 foot tall glass windows protecting you.”

Even he could not believe that Laura had fallen to death from the ‘At the Top Sky’ observation deck. Imagine how I felt back in South Africa.

“My daughter Laura Vanessa Nunes fell to her death from the Burj Khalifa At the Top Sky observation deck on the 16 November 2014. I went to Dubai from South Africa to be on the deck four months after her death – 16 March 2015 – and the day after went to the Bur Dubai Police Station to view the footage. She slipped through the gap between the panes of glass just above the handrail. After my daughter’s tragic death the police requested the Burj Khalifa to make the gaps smaller. So yes it was possible and it happened. My daughter was a Portuguese national on a tourist visa.”

“I am very sorry for your loss. I cannot believe how difficult it must be for you to type this. When I went there in December, it seemed pretty safe to me and so I commented that. I apologize for my comment.”

“I accept your apology. You weren’t to know. Most probably when you visited in December the windows had been changed and the gaps were smaller above the handrails.”

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