At the Top Sky Burj Khalifa, 148th floor

My ticket to the observation deck, four months after Laura’s death, at the time she took her life. I don’t have her ticket from 16 November 2014, but the conditions must have been different, as at the time of her death, visitors were taking selfies with their heads and shoulders extending through the gap.

One of the terms and conditions on my ticket:

It is strictly prohibited to place any item, including without limitation, mobile phones, cameras, selfie sticks, tripods, bags, and other personal belongings, on or through the gaps/partitions of the window panels of the terrace, or to hold such items outside the terrace of At the Top and At the Top, Burj Khalifa SKY (together the “At the Top”). Items must be kept inside the terrace at all times and photos/videos must only be taken from within the terrace

laura vanessa nunes_laura's voice whispers from an angel_suicide from the burj khalifa_leona sykes _0001 2

A photograph taken around the time of Laura’s death….

laura vanessa nunes_laura's voice whispers from an angel_suicide at the burj khalifa_leona sykes 10978512_926761944003692_5397211269824664040_n

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