In 2014 Laura hardly ever posted music on her Facebook. She returned to Dubai from Qatar on 18 October.

00:51 AM

00:51 AM

13 November 15:02 PM (not the original video. Laura always thought that she and Mubarak were Twin Flames.)

10 November 11:52 AM

9 November 22:16

23 October – this is not a piece of music but an image Laura posted on her Facebook. ‘Died by suicide. In memory of David A. Dill’.

1:48:38 AM

18 days before Laura’s death…for you Mubarak…


After Laura’s death, and going through what she had left behind, I found these posts for 17 August 2013. I had never thought of Laura as suicidal. I couldn’t have been more wrong.


Un Amor…to the man I Love and Will Love for All Eternity…For the spiritual Journey and Truth of what Love truelly is. Unconditional…and through your darkness, I discovered my Light. A spiritual journey of Divine union and Truth…and our souls are One in Time and space but for now, in this Realm, we have to part…but it’s not Goodbye. Just for now and a short Space in Time…❤️❤️❤️

Mubarak ❤️❤️❤️ Ida Pingala…Shiva Shakti…

19:13 PM On Laura’s Facebook. Posted ‘only me’.

And to my Mother…we may never have understood each other…but you are mother and I will always Love You ❤️❤️❤️

19:18 PM

19:25 PM (not the original video)

19:32 PM (not the original video)

19:46 PM

19:47 PM

19:48 PM

19:49 PM

19:50 PM

19:51 PM

19:55 PM

19:56 PM

19:57 PM

20:17 PM From Laura’s Facebook. Posted ‘only me’.

20:21 PM

20:26 PM (not the original video)

20:28 PM


21:17 PM

21:22 PM

21:38 PM

21:40 PM

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