Suicide at the Burj Khalifa

The title of the book, still unfinished. ‘Suicide at the Burj Khalifa’.

Some facts:

25 July 2018…from wikipedia…


The Daily Mail reported that on 16 November 2014, Laura Vanessa Nunes, a Portuguese national who was in Dubai on a tourist visa, fell to her death from Burj Khalifa’s “At the Top” observation deck on the 148th floor.[126] However, on 18 May 2015, Dubai police disputed the report made by the Daily Mail on this incident and said that this incident took place in Jumeirah Lakes Towers.[127] A Dubai coroner’s report stated her body was found on the third floor of the Burj Khalifa.[128] Emails obtained under the Freedom of Information act from Portugal’s embassy in the UAE also confirmed that she had committed suicide from the 148th floor of the Burj Khalifa.[129]

15 April 2014, Laura was back in Dubai. From, ‘Laura’s Voice WHISPERS from an ANGEL’.                                                                                  

To her friend, Asima (name changed to protect her identity). Speaking about Mubarak…

“And after three weeks I was here I told him I was here…but still did not see him…nor want to right now! If I am meant to be with him it will happen. But Allah brought me back here so will see and be patient meanwhile.”

27 September 2015, a message which I sent to Maktoum. He had just lost his son, Laura had died almost ten months earlier. I was hoping to appeal to the gentler side of him, the poet. Needless to say I never received a reply from him…

Laura Vanessa Nunes_Burj Khalifa Suicide_Laura's Voice Whispers from an Angel 0927_044459

9 January 2015, two days after I received Laura’s handbag…I sent an email to Mubarak…”What happened to my daughter on 16 November?”

Laura Vanessa Nunes_Burj Khalifa suicide_Laura's Voice Whispers from an Angel

From Laura…1 March 2009…

“Who can turn raindrops into sunshine…and teardrops into smiles!!?” 

Laura Vanessa Nunes_Leona Sykes 173023_10150129267618633_2395564_o




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