Laura’s Voice WHISPERS from an ANGEL


This book is no longer available. 19 December 2022, I am in the process of rewriting it.


From Laura’s mother, Leona

 How careless we are with the ones we love…

How careless we are with love…


From Laura’s brother Matthew,

on the first anniversary of her death

Those who die young,

die because they are angels too pure for this world.

I will never understand why you left us so early

but I know I will see you again one day

in a place free of the unhappiness of this world.


From Laura’s stepfather, William (Dad)

 Your once tormented soul

rests in peace.

Hard as it is,

we understand and accept

what you were driven to do.


From Laura

July 2014. Doha, Qatar.


So, my journey began with a man…Mubarak…


A man who opened me up to a world,

maybe an awakening,

that made me question everything in this world.


I feel like he has turned my life upside down,

for I feel confused, lost yet found,

but don’t know where to start.


Where your beliefs, religion, life, the world is questioned.

What is truelly right, and what is wrong?



What are they?

To guide us or, to control us?

To live by them or to live by our own truth.


My soul is connected to him, yet I am not sure he is the devil himself,

or my angel and light,

as clashes between dark and light.


They say it is within the heart that truth and treasures lie,

yet to follow your heart can be your biggest downfall.


Love is truth,

yet it is also deceit and betrayal!!!


From page 43, 19 December 2009. Zighy Bay, Oman.

 “Your Eyes…

 I have lost myself in them yet something real I have found…


They are going on for miles on end

on and on.

Will I find my way back

or will I be lost forever?”


From page 51, March 2010, Dubai

“I am not strong enough to hold on anymore!!!

Your love I feel inside me

and in my heart you will always be

but sometimes to love someone enough

is to know when to let them go!!!”


An extract from page 60, 27 April 2010, Dubai.

“And the truth is that the darkness I feel

is not about me, but about us.

It is the darkness that surrounds you

which brings out the stillness in me

and awakens me.”


Page 66, 3 June 2010, Saudi Arabia. Laura speaking about Dubai.

Follow your heart

so I follow my heart

it swirls with energy when it thinks of being back with you.

Like adrenaline that rushes through me

nudging and pushing me to go back and be reunited once again!

Dubai, I love you, but fear keeps me from you!!!”


From Laura’s Voice Whispers from an Angel, page 22, 4 October 2009. I think it is beautiful. She was at the Royal Court of Bahrain at the time.

“The colours of the notes of a piano are black and white

that play the tunes of a rainbow to your soul.”

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