Laura’s Voice WHISPERS from an ANGEL


The tortured mind of a gentle soul that was never meant for the cruelty of this world, Laura’s obsessive, unrequited love for her beloved Mubarak sent her on a downward spiral that culminated in her falling to her death from the 148th floor of the Burj Khalifa, Dubai, the tallest building in the world, on the 16th of November 2014. She was 38 years old. Her death was covered up by the government of Dubai.

This book is a collection of Laura’s thoughts, notes, emails, and messages that she left behind on her iPhone, her tablet, her computer, a laptop, and in her paperwork and documents, in the years and months leading up to her tragic suicide.


From page 43, 19 December 2009. Zighy Bay, Oman.

 “Your Eyes…

 I have lost myself in them yet something real I have found…


They are going on for miles on end

on and on.

Will I find my way back

or will I be lost forever?”


From page 51, March 2010, Dubai

“I am not strong enough to hold on anymore!!!

Your love I feel inside me

and in my heart you will always be

but sometimes to love someone enough

is to know when to let them go!!!”


An extract from page 60, 27 April 2010, Dubai.

“And the truth is that the darkness I feel

is not about me, but about us.

It is the darkness that surrounds you

which brings out the stillness in me

and awakens me.”


Page 66, 3 June 2010, Saudi Arabia. Laura speaking about Dubai.

Follow your heart

so I follow my heart

it swirls with energy when it thinks of being back with you.

Like adrenaline that rushes through me

nudging and pushing me to go back and be reunited once again!

Dubai, I love you, but fear keeps me from you!!!”


From Laura’s Voice Whispers from an Angel, page 22, 4 October 2009. I think it is beautiful. She was at the Royal Court of Bahrain at the time.

“The colours of the notes of a piano are black and white

that play the tunes of a rainbow to your soul.”

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