Laura’s Poetry

12 August 2012…Laura’s Voice Whispers from an Angel…page 192

True Love…The Beloved (for Mubarak)

Everything that I keep buried inside,(both my pain and my feelings for you), keep rushing to the surface, and every time I try to run away, something keeps bring me back to you. Why?

26 February 2014…as Laura was about to leave Portugal for the Middle East…

I’d rather live my truth and suffer in silence, than try to explain things to people who, no matter how hard you try to make them understand, will never understand…and be at peace. For silence is a virtue. 

Laura Vanessa Nunes

Feel as it moves within you…feel it as it lifts you…

Feel it as it it frees you…surrender to it’s will…

The Will of Allah,

The will of pain and love combined…

The call of the heart…the call of the universe,

That being LOVE!!!

by Laura on 19 September 2013


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