To Mubarak from Laura, 16 August, 2013…

Laura’s Voice Whispers from an Angel, page 209. Extracts from an email Laura sent to Mubarak bin Fahad on 16 August 2013. Laura was in Portugal. She was suicidal.

“I Love YOU.

That is all I want to say.

I don’t know what this journey is all about and why love comes together and then gets torn apart.

I guess I can never truelly explain it

but my heart is still completely in love with you.

I am yours always, was always

and will be until the end of time and eternity.”

“You rejected it, did not understand it, and I don’t blame you

just life and people and their tricks got in the way.

Only the soul can speak the truth when we don’t know.

And you were always my truth in the midst of darkness

 and you still are

but my light is dying

for I am trying to get closer to you

but life is pulling me further from you.

My heart and my soul.

And I can cry out to you to listen

but I am not sure if you hear my voice inside your heart.


my world, my existence, my everything.

My heart. Amien…”

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