Jacob Zuma doing a ‘Schabir Shaik’…

Main image: Photo by Sandile Ndlovu.

Is this going to be another mockery of justice in South Africa?

Jacob Zuma. He didn’t act with dignity during his term as President of South Africa and he’s definitely not acting with dignity now as he continues with his delay tactics to postpone his trial for fraud and corruption which has been nearly 20 years in the making.

He was due to appear in court today but instead he has been in a hospital since Friday, and according to one source the former president was “was taken from Estcourt Prison last week and admitted to hospital for observation as part of a routine check-up.

Are all prisoners allowed to leave jail and be admitted to private hospitals for a routine yearly check-up? I think not. 

So who is Schabir Shaik?


Schabir Shiak “rose to prominence due to his close association with former South African President Jacob Zumba during Zuma’s time as Deputy President. On 2 June 2005, he was found guilty of two counts of corruption and one count of fraud, which also led to Zuma’s dismissal by then President Thabo Mbeki. 

Judge Squires stating in his 165-page verdict that there was “overwhelming” evidence of a corrupt relationship between Shaik and Zuma.

He was sentenced to 15 years’ imprisonment on each of the two counts of corruption, as well as 3 years on the count of fraud. The sentences were to run concurrently, giving him an effective 15-year prison term.

However, on 3 March 2009 he was released on medical parole after ‘serving two years and four months of his 15-year prison term’ of which he spent most of the time in the St Augustine’s private hospital and the Inkosi Albert Luthuli state hospital. The head of cardiology at the Inkosi Albert Luthuli hospital personally discharged Shaik in December 2008 because he was considered well enough to leave. However, Shaik remained in the ward until his parole.”

“He was given parole on medical grounds after his doctors told the parole board that he was in “the final phase of a terminal disease”. His doctors said he was also clinically depressed‚ losing his eyesight‚ had suffered a stroke‚ and would die from “severe” high blood pressure.

But‚ since then‚ he has been spotted shopping‚ dining at fancy restaurants and playing golf.”


Amazing! Twelve years after being diagnosed as being in the final phase of a terminal illness he is alive and well and enjoying the spoils from his ill-gotten gains. Is this justice?

What happened to his forfeited assets?

“The confiscation of ”R30-million to R40-million”-worth of assets from Schabir Shaik following his fraud and corruption conviction was out of proportion to his ”friend” Jacob Zuma’s intervention in one arms-deal dispute, the Constitutional Court heard on Tuesday.”


In 2020, Zapiro, a South African cartoonist saw it coming and sketched a ‘sick note’ from the ‘physician Schabir Shaik’ to Jacob Zuma for the following reasons:

I would say that the trial should proceed virtually. He can lie in his hospital and continue to lie…

From one of my earlier blogs:


Thank you Jacob Zuma for trying to destroy South Africa

There was no original thought from the instigators of the violence, looting and unrest from 9 to 17 July. It smacked of the genocide in Rwanda, where with a machete in one hand and a radio in the other, in 100 days 900,000 innocents were slaughtered by ethnic Hutu extremists. Information was fed to the radio station and the presenters helped the killers locate their victims.

900,000 people.

So here in South Africa WhatsApp was used to organise and mobilise the instigators plan. We’re waiting for them to be held accountable for the destruction they created. It cost the country about R50 billion in damages and added to the very high rate of unemployment which was 32.5% in the last quarter of 2020. Money which could have been put to good use to alleviate poverty, and to provide much needed skills for the unemployed. I’m quite sure that the instigators continue to enjoy their lavish lifestyles without a second thought for those that have been most affected by the looting sprees.

And there is no original thought with Zuma doing a Schabir Shaik.

There are some people calling for his release, many talking about economic reform and freedom in South Africa, but the only economic freedom they seek is their own, with proceeds from fraud, corruption and money laundering sitting in protected trust accounts. Have these people done anything for the impoverished and the needy? Opposition parties don’t need to wait until they come into power, they can help now. NGO’s and civilians are helping to feed the poor.

A few years ago changes were made in the requirements for buying property in South Africa and the onus is now on property professionals to ensure that the source/s of money received for a purchase is thoroughly investigated, to stop the proceeds of fraud, corruption and money laundering, and under particular scrutiny, politicians, municipal workers, etc.

From FICA (The Financial Intelligence Act), The consequences of non-compliance:

Offences subject to penalties includes the following:

  • Failure to identify persons will therefore result in R100 million or 15 year imprisonment.
  • Failure to keep records will therefore result in R100 million or 15 years imprisonment.

And still the money laundering continues.

Jacob Zuma needs to pay for what he has done to the people of South Africa and to this beautiful country. And not from a hospital bed or from his home in Nkandla. He is a common criminal who deserves no privileges.

We need to believe there is a justice system in our country.

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