23 July

Main image: The abaya and the Quran are missing.

A facebook post Laura shared on 23 July 2014.



In July 2014 Laura was trying to have the items which she had left behind in Portugal with a friend sent to her in Qatar. It was important for her to retrieve them to celebrate Ramadan. I don’t know if that person ever sent them to her. Some of her abaya and her Quran are missing from her belongings. Are they still in Portugal?

We had also been speaking about her returning to South Africa.


From Laura’s book, Rumi – Whispers of the Beloved.

“First, he tempted me with infinite caresses.

He burnt me in the end with pain and sorrow.

In this game of chess I had to lose myself

in order to win Him.”


If you’ve ever fallen in love deeply…the feelings between two people. Beautiful

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