The Matthew Ohlsson Story, Without A Trace

On 18 December 2020 I blogged about Matthew Ohlsonn’s disappearance.

Yesterday someone who follows my blog informed that a book titled ‘The Matthew Ohlsson Story, Without a Trace’ has just been released, written by Matthew Ohlsson’s mother and co-written by her daughter, Melanie, her husband, Michael, and sons Justin and Jason.

“It has been a two-year journey for Michelle and her family who, for the first time in over two decades, could put pen to paper about how the disappearance affected their family.

For Michelle, it is a story of courage, hope and strength, revisiting her childhood, the battles of being a young bride to finding herself in an organisation used to find missing children on the Cape Flats.

It is the untold story, said Michelle, which they as family could never speak about publicly.”

It has taken Matthew’s mother more than two decades to be able to put pen to paper and write about the anguish and despair her and her family went through after Matthew was snatched from outside their house on 24 March 1997. My own book about my daughter Laura’s death is still waiting to be finished, nearly seven years after her tragic suicide, but my often frozen mind cannot move forward. It has been hard enough for me to try and move forward even though I know most of the details of my daughter’s death, whereas Matthew’s family don’t know if he is dead or alive, or the circumstances of his kidnapping.

Congratulations Michelle on your book. I hope that whoever snatched Matthew, and/or anyone that knows anything about his disappearance will come forward and finally give you some closure. Against all hope I hope that Matthew is still alive.

Michelle, I would like to say to you that you don’t need an education to express your feelings, you just need to use your own voice. Worrying about writing perfectly can hamper the story. The story is important. Sometimes a manuscript can be edited and edited, or ghost written, where the true essence of the writer, and the book, disappears.

Once again, if anyone has any information please contact me via a comment on this post, (which will remain private and won’t be published beneath my blog), or the investigating officer, Lieutenant Colonel Daliwonga Saki on +2782 559 4631.

If anyone wants to comment on my blogs about Matthew please indicate whether you want the comment to be made public or to remain private.

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