Dubai – when will you send the Guptas back to South Africa?

Main image: Jacob Zuma and one of the Gupta brothers. From an old article dated 27 August 2016.

Aren’t you tired of protecting them, and other criminals? What does that say about Dubai?

They should have been in South Afrixa over the last few days and experienced the terror of the residents, with protesters raging outside their homes, gunshots fired, shopping centres looted and set on fire, not knowing if they would live another day. But instead they luxuriate in their homes in Dubai derived from ill-gotten gains, with the government of Dubai protecting them. Send them back. Let them face justice.

Jacob Zuma and Ace Magashula, both linked to the Guptas and the rape of South Africa. Shame on you Dubai.

All the corrupt thieves standing together so that they themselves can escape facing charges and jail terms for what they did to this country. Did they ever once think about the poor in this country which are over 50% of the population. Prior to this violence the unemployment rate was 32%, worsened by the pandemic. Now that places of employment and vehicles have been destroyed, this figure will rise dramatically, and already there are food and fuel shortages. There was even no thought for the looters and the hardships that they will have to face alongside the rest of us. Pawns! They want to pull the whole of South Africa down with them.

Do you think it will affect any of these crooks? Of course not.

The plot behind the looting.

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