Thank you Jacob Zuma for trying to destroy South Africa

I firmly believe that the violence in South Africa could have been avoided if Jacob Zuma had acted with dignity upon receiving a 15-month jail sentence “handed to him by the Constitutional Court for contempt of court for defying an earlier instruction to give evidence at an enquiry examining allegations of high level corrupution during his term in office.”

It was late on Wednesday, shortly before a midnight deadline, that former South African President Jacob Zuma left his homestead in Nkandla in a convoy of vehicles to turn himself over to the police.

If he had spoken to his followers at his Nkandla homestead on the weekend calling for calm, if after his incarceration his followers called for calm and tried to actively stop the violence it would have been a different scenario.

The ‘powers that be’ remain unscathed and as always it’s the ordinary man that is affected.

Power and greed.

A book written about Jacob Zuma.

The description of a book about Jacob Zuma, released in November 2017.

Enemy Of The People – And How the People fought back. How Jacob Zuma Stole South Africa is the first definitive account of Zuma’s catastrophic misrule, offering eyewitness descriptions and cogent analysis of how South Africa was brought to its knees – and how a nation fought back.

When Jacob Zuma took over the leadership of the ANC one muggy Polokwane evening in December 2007, he inherited a country where GDP was growing by more than 6% per annum, a party enjoying the support of two-thirds of the electorate, and a unified tripartite alliance. Today, South Africa is caught in the grip of a patronage network, the economy is floundering and the ANC is staring down the barrel of a defeat at the 2019 general elections. How did we get here?

Zuma first brought to heel his party, Africa’s oldest and most revered liberation movement, subduing and isolating dissidents associated with his predecessor Thabo Mbeki. Then saw the emergence of the tenderpreneur and those attempting to capture the state, as well as a network of family, friends and business associates that has become so deeply embedded that it has, in effect, replaced many parts of government. Zuma opened up the state to industrial-scale levels of corruption, causing irreparable damage to state enterprises, institutions of democracy, and the ANC itself.

But it hasn’t all gone Zuma’s way. Former allies have peeled away. A new era of activism has arisen and outspoken civil servants have stepped forward to join a cross-section of civil society and a robust media. As a divided ANC square off for the elective conference in December, where there is everything to gain or to lose, award-winning journalists Adriaan Basson and Pieter du Toit offer a brilliant and up-to-date account of the Zuma era.”

Corruption begins at the top and filters down.

Another upright citizen. Ace Magashula aka Mr Tenpercent. “More than a few sources in the Free State’s political set-up referred to Magashule as ‘Mr Ten Percent’ for allegedly demanding a 10% cut from each government contract in the province,” Myburgh writes.”

The book is called Gangster State. So while we have politicians in power whose sole motive is to benefit themselves and friends and family, how can poverty be alleviated?

The Guptas are everywhere…

Latest news on Magashula.

I believe that our current president Cyril Ramaphosa will sit alongside Nelson Mandela as a president that cared about his country and the people that live within it, and who made a difference.


From Laura 14 July, 2010.

Myself to Magic I Give,

In Hope of Voice , Spirit and Might

Secrets now Veiled to bring to Light…

Goethe ❤️❤️❤️

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