3 July

The past two days have been tough. Laura’s birthday. But I’m back, a little weaker, but I’m here. I’m listening to the wind howling, and the deluge of rain, I am listening to the music of nature. I saw the young Olive Thrush sitting on a branch close to my bedroom, grooming itself, looking at me once or twice. My gentle world…


Trying to find solutions. Can the United Arab List, with Mansour Abbas at the head, and Israel, finally find a workable and enduring solution to the conflict between Palestine and Israel? The United Arab List which is now part of a coalition government, holds four seats in the Knesset. It is a small start.


The powerful and the powerless. Shame on you Libya!

“Maritime authorities say Libyan vessel endangered lives of migrants during chase in Mediterranean Sea.”


Why do we vote for political parties? What’s the point? There are so many people leaving their countries under dire circumstances, like fleeing on a migrant vessel as per the above article, where the inherent dangers of the voyage and what they have to face at the end of their journey is preferable to staying in their home countries, torn by wars, corruption and poverty. The leaders of these countries and the party members should be removed from power and hopefully replaced with people that are guided by moral ethics, kindness and compassion. Every single person counts in this world, no matter what their circumstances.


A couple of days ago I was venting to my younger son about the unmarked graves in Canada and he asked me if I thought that if there was no religion that these atrocities, and others, would not have happened? I said no. With or without religion it would happen, the only difference is that churches and their members shroud themselves in piety and hypocrisy.

A friend recently suggested that I read two passages from the bible each morning and each evening, starting with Matthew. I decided to read it with an open mind. Then he suggested that I join a church and subscribe to their online services. I watched a past service on utube. As part of his sermon the preacher mentioned that some people don’t eat meat because of gasses emitted from these animals into the environment but that these people go and commit adultery. What a sweeping statement to make on a topic he clearly knows little about. How does he know? Does this mean that people that eat meat don’t commit adultery? And he mentioned this twice in his sermon. He should research his subject matter more thoroughly and if he can’t do that, he should just read a passage from the bible. He can turn his back on the cruelty meted out to these poor creatures and yet feel ‘compassion’ for people? He is incomplete. Jesus didn’t believe in churches or the moneymaking of the churches. Neither do I. And I definitely find it grating that these carefully coiffed and groomed lead preachers actually start to believe that they themselves are god.

One preacher’s personal wealth is thought to be around 28 million rand. How did he get all that money? Why isn’t he using it on his congregation and the needy? Jesus said that you shouldn’t hoard money.

One thing is for sure I will never go to church. If and when I can, I help directly, no intermediary like a church needed.

So I’ll continue to read the bible…I rejected it when I was eight years old so it is a hard read. But Jesus taught good principles which unfortunately a lot of his followers don’t follow.

Division, hatred, murder, and the list goes on…


From Laura, facebook, 3 July 2009.

“Life is a dream, for without a dream you would have nothing to believe in.

For what the mind can conceive so you can achieve.

So reach for a dream, and believe in it.

It just may come true.”

An extract from Laura’s Voice Whispers from an Angel, 3 July 2010, page 71, while she was living in Saudi Arabia. For Mubarak…

“A Man and Love…

Where is a man

whose words are like the moon

that plays tunes to your being

that ignites passions of worlds undiscovered!

A man who is like the sun

a star so close to you

that makes you glow whenever he shines

making shadows of his presence in your way!

And whenever he hides behind the clouds

you sit longing for the day he comes out

so in warmth again you will be!!!

Comforted by his light and his presence

that being hope

that my star I will find.

For he who can lose his pride to love,

is he who understands what it means to love.”


I won’t be blogging tomorrow. Hope to go for a 5km walk on the promenade, the lockdown permitting, and watch the sun rise in front of me.

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