Laura’s birthday 2013/14

Main image, a facebook post shared from

Laura’s birthday in Portugal, 2013.

Coffee and cake with family

A present she received from someone in Dubai.

“An Angel Appeared from Heaven…Allahu Akbar…Black Gold.”

The phone revealed Mubarak’s identity. Her special perfume, Supreme Bouquet by Yves Saint Laurent, I wear on very special, often significant occasions. I haven’t lit the candle yet.

She spent some time wandering around Sintra, Portugal.

Some of her photographs.

Laura’s last birthday in 2014, Qatar.

My message to her on facebook and a photograph of us in Cape Town when she last visited South Africa in 2012/2013.

Happy birthday Moon Child. Wishing you a day full of beauty, love and caring. Miss you. B… and N… also send their birthday greetings. Lots of love, Mom xxx.

(Moon Child was one of the many names she adopted during her life).

Some facebook posts she shared.

From Salvador Dali

My woman’s body, will persist in your grace.

My thirst, my hunger without limit, my way undecided!

Dark channels where the eternal thirst follows,

And the fatigue is still, and the infinite pain

Pablo Neruda

Body of a woman Posted by Jorge Benlloch

Song of the New Earth
OMT Times Magazine
Sidonie Bouchet 2014

In love, there is no need to play games. If you are keen on someone, be truly present with them.

Light’s Child Healing
Being Mommy’s
Posted on her facebook, ‘only me’.

I wish she could have had a life like this…

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