Sticky fingers…the Guptas in Dubai…our Minister of Health here in South Africa…

Main image: Guptas home in Dubai reportedly valued at 110 million UAE dirham (445 million South African rand), and said to have been a second home to Zuma during his presidency.

Sometimes the wheels of justice turn slowly but it’s great when they do their final turn. Why was the UAE protecting these thieves? Do they enjoy providing asylum for criminals?

‘The United Arab Emirates – widely regarded as the new home of the Gupta family, including fugitive brothers Atul and Rajesh and their wives Chetali and Arti – has ratified an extradition treaty with South Africa’.

Phew. Their crimes are extensive.

And here in South Africa our Minister of Health Dr Zweli Mkhize was put on special leave so that the Special Investigating Unit could investigate the irregularly awarded COVID-19-related contract to a communications company, Digital Vibes, which is controlled by his former associates, of R150 000 000.

‘The Daily Maverick reported that the company had made payments for repairs to a house owned by a trust in Mkhize’s name. 

There was also a cash payment from Digital Vibes to his son, Dedani, as well as a car bought in his name’.

Such a pity as he was a really good minister. But sticky fingers find it hard to resist the cookie jar.

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