No politics today…

Main image: A photograph which Laura took today, seven years ago, of Golden Princess.

Yesterday I was not at home for most of the day, only returning in the late afternoon. The racing pigeon was absent, hopefully finding a new home in nature, in freedom, a hard road after being kept in captivity for so long and depending on its ‘owner’ for everything. I wish it well.

Many years ago Laura found a young dove lying on the side of a road in Saudi Arabia. She took it home, cared for it and loved it, and when it was strong enough she took it back to the exact spot where she found it and released it.

From Laura’s Voice Whispers from an Angel, page 127, 15 August 2011.

My Baby Dove (Symbology to Baby Love)

Mysteriously you appeared

and then when I looked again, you were gone…

Walking along I did…

upon a path that was not my own…

I heard a voice inside me say

“just for today go this way”

so listen to the voice I did…

And that way I went and there you lay

abandoned and astray.

I saw you but kept walking

maybe your parents were nearby.

But I could not get you out of my head…

I could not help but go back and check.

And in the road you still lay…

so I fetched a towel and picked you up

and under a shady bush I let you sit.

And came back a third time with a plum…

so happy you were

tweeting and flapping your wings.

You were not afraid!

So resist I could not.

And under my wings I placed you…

chatted to you and kept you.

but alas only sweet little memories you are left.

The wild is your home.”

She also sent Mubarak an email, chatting about the dove and attaching some photographs…Do you remember Mubarak?

Sometimes we have to caretake a child, a bird, another living creature, for a while…and when it is time we set it free, to fly into life, into its destiny…

Part of another email which Laura sent to Mubarak, from Laura’s Voice Whispers from an Angel, page 141, 24 September 2011.

“I just wish I was there right now and to be with you.
Because Saudi is killing me…and being far from you is killing me.

I wish I could hug you, kiss you, and just be next to you and near you!

And be there for you as well!”

Just feeling a bit sad this morning.

I have shared this video many times. Kristina Shapran reminds me of Laura.

From Laura, posts she shared from Western Heart Yoga on her facebook in June 2013 while she was living in Portugal…

Another video of Sergei Polunin dancing…

7 June 2014, Laura was in Qatar. A post she shared on her iPhone.

A picture Laura took of her beloved Golden Princess.

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