I returned to South Africa from Dubai on 21 March 2015. On 7 April I posted my tripadvisor review of the observation deck from which Laura fell.

You must remember at the time her death was still concealed by the government of Dubai.

“At the Top Sky observation deck”

‘Reviewed 7 April 2015

I visited the At the Top Sky observation deck on 16 March 2015, four months after my 38 year old daughter fell to her death on 16 November 2014, falling to the 3rd floor on the balcony outside the Amal restaurant of the Armani hotel. I couldn’t understand how she could have fallen from the tallest tower in the world and a top tourist attraction. The next day I viewed the footage at the Bur Dubai police station. She slipped through the gap just above the handrail and fell to her death. At the request of the police the windows and gaps were changed, but I could still put my head through the gap when I visited it.

Visited March 2015′.

On 1 April Will Jordan had contacted me in response to a general email which I had sent to Al Jazeera on the morning after I had visited the deck. I was feeling scared for the first time in Dubai as later that day I would be visiting the Bur Dubai station and I didn’t know if I would return.

He phoned me a few days later. He voice was soft and gentle, and he was so sympathetic and caring towards Laura and me.

And through his connection with Rob Davies, Laura’s story was brought to light.

Thank you Will.

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