24 April…

Main image: Sunrise over the sea in Umdhloti, Durban, 24 April 2016.

24 April 2016…living across the road from the sea, getting ready to leave for Cape Town,

24 April 2016. Posted on my google + account:

“This photograph appeared on my facebook on 12 April…I don’t allow anyone to post or tag me without my approval…but this appeared…a frail figure surrounded by darkness…it is a message from Laura. I have not been working on Laura’s story for about six weeks now. I am in transition between two cities. A good excuse…my mind still drifts and I battle to focus…and it is often too painful to write. But her story will be told…

How many of us are in self imposed prisons of our emotions…or prisoners to hopeless love…or depression…spiraling into an abyss which we can’t get out of, where thoughts of ending it all become the only thought…where death is the only certainty…”

Today, 5 years later, I’ve looked at ‘Suicide at the Burj Khalifa’ which is stored on an external hard drive, and realise that I have to rewrite the book, the prequel to ‘Laura’s Voice Whispers from an Angel’. I don’t know if I’m ready yet…

These notes will remain in the rewrite:

Life took her to Dubai and death kept her there.

A message from Laura to a friend, 2 April 2013.

“A journey. Questions. What is, what is not. Mystery. Travel. The strangeness of life. And the hidden reasons for all things. Religion versus the self. Interesting. All I can say.

Was in India…Qatar. Now Portugal.

The path that life takes me on always arouses questions and then somewhere along the line I get answers. Long story. That is what created the questions.

Mubarak. The black and white matter of life, where the grey area appeared. Two opposites, yet connected by the soul of true love, which creates an area of conflict and grey matter.”

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