When will we learn?


After watching the film Seaspiracy on Netflix I would have loved to join Sea Shepherds there and then but because I still have a commitment here in Cape Town I have to remain in South Africa. We need to protect the environment and the beautiful creatures that are tortured and murdered for our sakes. The cruel slaughter of magnificent gentle creatures.

She is an amazing woman, and warrior…She said that if you want to save the creatures in the oceans, and the oceans themselves, leave them alone. And don’t eat fish.


The innocence and beauty of life. A gorgeous little Juvenile Olive Thrush which I found in my garden yesterday.

Juvenile Olive Thrush
Juvenile Olive Thrush

And then the greed of the corrupted souls. Even though the ‘African forest elephant was declared critically endangered and the African savanna elephant was declared endangered’, the killing of up to 500 innocent elephants will be up for grabs by trophy hunters.They should be hunted and killed, alongside poachers.

‘Simiso Mlevu, a spokeswoman for the Center for Natural Resource Governance, a Zimbabwe environmental and human rights advocacy group, said the decision to allow elephant hunting was “appalling.”

“We strongly condemn trophy hunting — a practice that agitates wild animals and escalates human-wild life conflicts,” Mlevu said.”It is almost certain that surviving families of wildlife families that witness the senseless gunning down of their family members mete out vengeance on the hapless local villagers,” Mlevu said’.

Elephants have long memories.


And on a ‘human’ note ‘Algerian scholar gets three years in jail for ‘offending Islam.’ Why can’t people speak up about things that make no sense to them? Why can’t they criticize the Qaran? We don’t live in the dark ages?

As a pantheist I don’t believe in gods, books and idols etc. I believe in what I see, nature, earth and the skies. And the universe. But if one gains great comfort in religion and does no harm to another person, then I don’t see anything wrong with it. But when religions and beliefs are twisted to mans’ benefit then one needs to question it. And if the tools of a religion are questionable, surely the followers of Islam in this instance, have the right to question the writings in ‘holy’ books without fear of retribution.


And the story once again of the young woman, Farkhunda.

March 29, 2015

KABUL, Afghanistan — In indignant tones, the Islamic law student told her family about the superstitious practices she had witnessed earlier that day at a historic shrine in Kabul.

She had seen illiterate mullahs sell good-luck charms and visitors who were convinced that prayers offered in the shrine were bound to come true.

Over a family dinner, the student, a 27-year-old woman named Farkhunda, vowed to return and speak out against what she deemed superstitious and un-Islamic behavior.

That decision — and what awaited her at the shrine — has convulsed Kabul.

When she returned there last week and began chastising people for their ignorance, an attendant at the shrine countered with a far more dangerous accusation: This woman, he shouted, was an infidel who had burned the Quran. A sparse crowd quickly became a mob of hundreds, and the men railed at her, beat her, set fire to her body.

“Although Farkhunda found recognition after her death, it is telling that, in life, she was silenced when she spoke out.”

Life is worth less than a book.

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