From Laura…17 April 2014

Main image: Sanctuary Organic

I was going to blog about the continued persecution of the Uyghur muslims in Xinjiang, but instead I will spend some time with Laura.

17 April 2014. She would never see another 17 April…

From her facebook page:

From: The Sanctuary Organic
From: Practicing the Presence through Mind and Meditation

“Let your light shine so brightly, that others can see their way out of the dark.
Namaste !”
From: We Are Human Angels

“ONLY LOVE IS… is capable of opposing fear, loneliness and sorrow. Be open. “BE” love!”

by Stefani Schultz

From: Discover Your Aura
Echoes of the Heart Healing
From: Practicing the Presence through Mind and Meditation

“Breathing in I Feel Gratitude

Breathing out I Give Thanks

Breathing in I Feel Joyful

Breathing out I Celebrate

Breathing in I Know Compassion

Breathing out I Am Compassion

Breathing in I Feel Loved

Breathing out I Offer Love

Breathing in I Am Still

Breathing out I Am At Peace “

Thich Nhat Hanh

From: Visit Qatar

“A tour at the Falcon Market in Souq Waqif will let you get more insights to the royal and Nobel sport of Falconry.”

Laura was in Dubai and preparing to leave for Doha, Qatar.

A song for Laura, a song for us. Let us be happy with who we are.

For Laura…her road was lonely and hard.

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