From Laura…4 April

Two posts which Laura shared on her facebook.

2011 – Western Heart Yoga

“The joy that you give to others is the joy that comes back to you.” – John Whittier 

“And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.” – The Beatles

2012. Another Western Heart Yoga post.

A link sent to Mubarak in an email on 4 April 2012. With his encouragement she had left secure employment in Saudi Arabia to return to Dubai to be with him. She was battling to find employment. Her dream had been to open her own small massage business in Dubai.

Part of the email:

As my life went on, I met people that always told me I had a gift with my hands. I thought it was Art, because I am an Artist too, but have not been able to do anything as I have been so caught up in Life and trying to survive. Eventually I started becoming aware of energy, it came naturally to me. And sensuality. People came into my life saying that I should do Reiki. I did my first level and then I decided to study Health and Skin Care therapy to get a qualification. But yes you are right, massage is my gift, and that is what I need to pursue. And only now am really truelly realising through you, and signs from the Universe.

I understand now what I have to do, and need to take it seriously, and really need to start making money.

I need to start somewhere. I need to build a clientele. And I really need your help with that. And if all goes well, after a year I will register myself with one of the business places.

I now have all the information, and understand what I can do, where I can go, what might be expected of me, and am ready for that. And with time inshaAllah I will get the hang of it and what I truelly wish to achieve will become true.

And all I am asking you is to help me with that. I dont want money from you. Just help me with my Dream.

And I have told you before, the woman in your life does not bother me as I truelly and full heartedly understand you and that what we share is real and true. You need change adventure and challenge. Just as I do .

Starting my own thing will be challenging yet my passion will drive me. I want to make you proud as well. And I said before even if we can not be together now, and if it is in our destiny to be together one day, we will be, but I don’t know the future. But for now we both have our Lives to live and do the things we have to do to achieve our goals. I understand that.

But You are My Dear and Trusted friend whom I Love adore and respect immensely.

That is all I am asking I just need your support as a Friend whom I can confide in and who understands.

With love always Mubarak


“and yes I am stubborn. I admit that. It just takes me a while to process and understand things, as I use my intuition and inner guidance for counsel and direction as that is all I have. And I guess that is the gift that life has given me!”

On 12 March 2012 she received her Third Degree Reiki Master Teacher Level 3 qualification.

The business card which she had printed. It also arrived with her ‘hidden luggage’.

She was the most brilliant masseuse.

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