26 March 2012…from Laura to Mubarak

From Laura’s Voice Whispers from an Angel. From an email which Laura sent to Mubarak.

Everything I do I do because of You.

Not one day goes by that I do not think of you.

I Love You, and that is why I am patient.

I have never met someone that makes me feel the way You make me feel.

But You are my Man, the one that I adore and the one who lives in my Heart.

And I am your Lady, my heart belongs to You!

And I try to do the right things, and what I have to,

but sometimes I need You.

You told me you would be here for me,

and sometimes I do need you to be here for me.

For Love is unconditional,

and my Love has no conditions,

Except be that person that you promised me that you would be,

My Man, the one I adore.

I don’t seek to change you,

For I understand.

Only want you to be happy.

But for now be my Man, as you Promised.

And by your side I will always be.

Unconditionally, for that is what Love to me is.

With Love


From me to Laura…

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