Some of my posts from my google + page which I dedicated to Laura…

Main image: 22 November 2015 – me

Some of my posts for Laura in 2015.


In the midst of extreme pain and sadness I thought that I would share something of beauty with my daughter…Sergei Polunin and Kristina Shapran in an unrehearsed improvisation to Satie’s Gnossienne No1 – Kristina reminds me a bit of my daughter who had a middle parting in her hair, and wore her ponytail not to the left, but to the right side…and she was also very slight and fragile…


My favourite aria sung by my favourite opera singer…to share with you Laura…you’re always in my thoughts and in my heart…


My daughter’s destiny changed the day she met Mubarak…at times I find it very difficult not to hate him…


For Laura:



Happy New Year Dubai

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