140 crocodiles escape from a crocodile farm in Bonnievale, South Africa

Picture: iStock/ USO

What were they doing there in first place?

50 captured, 90 still at large, ‘their fate hanging in the balance with many of these crocs now facing being put down in the most humane way – a bullet to the head’. What is humane about that? Once again because humans have interfered with nature the victims suffer or die. There is lots of space in Africa for crocodiles to roam free. Why are they incarcerated? Tourism? Crocodile skin handbags and luggage? What a sick world!


A few snippets from the article below.

‘The crocodiles are very shy and have ample reeded areas to hide in, Van Rhyn added, making the recapturing operation a challenge’.

“A number of humane cages with bait were put out in a first attempt to recapture the animals. This method however proved to be less effective. The animals have access to an abundance of food in the river and hence they do not need to hunt for food,” Van Rhyn said’.

Crocodiles live in rivers and on the banks of rivers, not in crocodile farms. So another injustice for the voiceless.


On Sunday I went for my regular walk along the Sea Point promenade in Cape Town. It was irritating as so many people weren’t wearing masks. So apart from dodging maskless ‘criminals’, (it is illegal to not wear a mask in public in South Africa), I would look out to sea, calming my rattled nerves with the silence and beauty of nature. Lots of sea birds on the rocks, and a first, a pair of African Oystercatchers. And as expected, the solitary Little White Egret with her yellow ‘shoes’ in the same spot where I had seen her the week before.

Sea Point Promenade, Cape Town
Little White Egret
African Oystercatchers

My world.

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