The good, the bad, and the very beautiful…

Image from the Cape Town Press Club: Dr Imtiaz Sooliman, founder of Gift of the Givers.

The good and the courageous, Pope Francis. Even though there are security risks, as always, and Covid, his work continues and he visits Iraq.

‘”May the clash of arms be silenced… may there be an end to acts of violence and extremism, factions and intolerance!” he said.

He would also like to see tolerance and acceptance between different religions. Unfortunately many hide behind religion, waging their own wars.

From Laura’s Voice Whispers from an Angel, page 54.

“God is love…so instead of people always fighting over which religion is right, whether Jesus died on the cross, or Mohammed (Pbuh) is the last prophet, the point is, we are missing the point.

God is great and all powerful and He does not care how you pray to Him, as long as you remember him and open your heart to His love. For He is love, just like we are too!!!”

Instead of having hatred towards those that are different from ourselves perhaps we should question ourselves and our own priorities. Why do we hate them? Why are we so scared? Why do we need power? Why do we kill in the name of religion? Isn’t religion meant to provide guidelines to living life? Isn’t love better than hate? Isn’t good better than evil?

Divide and rule. Religion creates division.

The bad, MBS, the coward that hides behind his position as crown prince of Saudi Arabia. At last the world is baying for justice and for his blood. Nice for the shoe to be on the other foot for a change. May justice prevail. Another cover-up uncovered.

The beautiful, Imtiaz Sooliman, the founder of Gift of the Givers, who ‘along with his wife Zohra, started running the humanitarian organisation from their Pietermaritzburg home’s spare room’ in 1992. What a humanitarian. He sees with his heart.

From the above link: “My son, you will form an organisation. The name will be Waqful Waqifin, and that name is translated into ‘Gift of the Givers’. You will serve all people of all races, of all religions, of all colours, of all classes, of all political affiliations and of any geographical location. You will serve them unconditionally.”

Doctor Imtiaz Sooliman is a man of God. And after receiving this message from his spiritual leader, Sufi Sheikh Muhammed Saffer Effendi al Jerrahi in Istanbul, he followed the calling.

He is humble. He has declined renewed social media calls that he be nominated for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize.” I thank those who have this sentiment toward me. In my line of work receiving awards and thanks is not our focus,” he says.

In 2004 Gift of the Givers developed and piloted a ground nut – soya milk High Energy Protein Supplement called Sibusiso Ready Food Supplement (SRFS which requires no refrigeration. ‘The product, innovated by ourselves, is ideal as a disaster-relief foodstuff and is provided to people who are – as a result of disaster displacement – rendered sub-clinically malnourished’.

Sometimes I think that another food substitute should be developed which everyone will eat, which will allow the environment to recover and for the farmed animals to be released and to never again be subjected to man’s cruelty.

I need to, we need to, focus on the positive, look at ourselves every day and try to make the world around us a better place for everyone. It’s not easy but let’s try. We can all be beautiful if we choose to be. Where there is love there is peace.

As every leaf is unique, so are we. Let’s celebrate our differences instead of persecuting and destroying those that are different to us. Let’s rid ourselves of indoctrination and brainwashing. Let’s think for ourselves. What is right and what is wrong?

I ‘discovered’ Arson Fahim late last year. Another of my ‘heroes’. He didn’t allow adversity to destroy him. His story. And it also includes part of his composition for Farhkhunda Malikzada who was brutally murdered after being falsely accused by a mullah of burning the Qaran. 

Such wisdom from one so young…

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