For all the missing children…

Image: Matthew Ohlson

On 18 December 2020 I blogged about the disappearance of Matthew Ohlson in 1997, hoping to get some feedback and perhaps assist in some small way to give some closure to his family. If anyone has information about his disappearance please contact me in the comment section. It will remain confidential as only comments of which I approve will be made public, and any information about Matthew will be treated with sensitivity and confidentiality. I know what it’s like to lose a child but I was fortunate enough to find some sort of closure. Matthew’s family haven’t had closure. If you can, please help.

My thoughts today are with the parents of children that have died, have been abducted, have gone missing (including runaways), that have been injured in some way. So sorry…

For anyone missing a child.

I hope that Matthew will be found. Alive.

For parents of a child that has died…

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