4 March

What man does to man. Power, greed and ego. More and more freedom is taken away from man. The past year even more freedom was taken away from us as the virus gripped the world, often caged in our homes. I wonder how many people spared a thought for the animals in zoos, in game reserves (yes, I do add this as elephants get culled if there are too many in one region. If they roamed free it wouldn’t be necessary. There is no easy answer as then the poachers will have free rein to exterminate these gentle giants), and the poor farmed animals who live in tortuous conditions and breathe their first breath of fresh air as they’re loaded into trucks on their way to the abattoirs. We have a lot to answer for.


Something I posted on my facebook yesterday, and my comment, “Good news…I’d like to see all the members of Al Mawashi that believe this cruel practice should continue, being transported on these vessels in the exact same conditions as these poor sheep. Perhaps then they might understand.”

About time South Africa!


In the meantime another species the English beaver, ‘after a 400-year absence, beavers are once again roaming wild’. What is important to note is how our interference nature not only destroys species it interferes with the delicate balance of nature.

“We wanted to see whether the beavers would help tip the balance back in favor of the open habitats, which is so important for lots of butterflies and wildflowers and a whole range of species,” says Mark Elliott, one of the Trust’s ecologists.” And they prevent the landscape from flooding. A very interesting article.


March 2013. Laura was now in Kolkatta, India. She was appalled at the overcrowding and poverty spilling out onto the streets, and on the streets. Not being used to these conditions she was terrified of leaving her hotel room.

From Laura’s Voice Whispers from an Angel, page 197.

“The poor streets of Kolkata…

A man taking a bath in the streets of Kolkata, because there is no water in their homes, (most probably don’t have homes)

But then you get the Bollywood actors who think they are Gods, with soooooo…much money,

but they do nothing to help their own people!!!”

Nothing new about that. The richer get richer and the poor get poorer. Those in the middle range are also getting poorer.

I’ll end off my blog today with something positive…need to find some positivity somewhere.

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