Maktoum and the detained princesses, Shamsa and Latifa

The detention of Princess Latifa, and Princess Shamsa, has raised its ugly head yet once again.

More information about Maktoum

The death of Maktoum’s oldest son…he did lots of things that were illegal in the UAE, taking drugs and steroids, having sex parties, and the ‘bombshell, ‘It is alleged that Rashid killed an assistant in the Ruler’s office thereby forfeiting his opportunity to be heir.’

He was never charged for any of these crimes. One set of laws for the ‘royal’ family and another set for others.

‘Although the identity of the aide supposedly murdered by Rashid has never been revealed, commentators at the time suggested that the attack could have taken place during an episode of ‘roid rage’ – a reference to the steroids the prince was believed to have taken.’

An old piece of news, the horse doping scandal.

And an even older piece of news, the camel jockey scandal. Some children were so young that they had to be ‘velcroed’ to the saddles. Some of the children would fall during the races as they couldn’t hold on and would be trampled to death. They would also be starved so that they wouldn’t put on weight, the lighter the jockey the faster the camel could run.

And as the children stayed in the hot desert in the ‘care’ of camel minders, the camels would cool down and swim in olympic sized swimming pools.

The ‘civilised’ country of Dubai, the land of smoke and mirrors…

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