From the earmarked pages in Laura’s Rumi book…

It was never intended for me to retrieve Laura’s luggage from Dubai. It was never intended for me to find some comfort with what she left behind. This morning the memories of Laura are my companion, and what she left behind, bittersweet…

Page 17

“Looking at my life I see that only Love has been my soul’s companion.

From deep inside my soul cries out:

Do not wait, surrender, for the sake of Love.”

Page 19

“Your charm lured me to the edge of madness.

I lost my composure.

Humbled, I was sent away.

Then, You touched my heart, transformed me and shaped me into any form you fancied.”

Page 37

“You know what love is?

It is all kindness, generosity.

Disharmony prevail when you confuse lust with love, while the distance between the two  is endless.”

Page 43

This Love is King but his banner is hidden.

The Koran speaks the Truth but its miracle is concealed.

Love has pierced with its arrow the heart of every lover.

Blood flows but the wound is invisible.”

Page 74

The early breeze at dawn is the keeper of secrets.

Don’t go back to sleep!

It is time for prayer, time to find what is your real need.

Don’t go back to sleep!

The door to the One  is open, always.

Don’t go back to sleep!”

Page 86

“With friends you grow wings.

Alone, you are a single feather in disgrace.

With them you master the wind, but alone, you’re blown in all directions.” 

Page 89

“From all that was familiar, I broke away.

Now I am lost, without a place, wandering.

With no music like a fool I dance and clap my hands.

How am I to live without You? You are everywhere but I can’t find you.”

A piece of paper tucked away in the book, handwritten by Laura.

This morning I see her face, animated and alive as she briefly spoke about Mubarak, her eyes softening and her voice becoming husky…he shadowed her in life, and he has shadowed her in death…

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