New Year’s Eve 2010

Main image. I took this photograph of Laura as we were walking in the forest at Zimbali. Even in the peacefulness of the forest she still had to argue. As a keen photographer I was used to walking in front of my husband when we would go on our walks so that I could take photographs. Laura objected.

Hard to believe it was ten years ago.

A couple of fun shots from around March 2010 when Laura and I were fooling around on photobooth, when she was in South Africa. She visited us twice that year. A good memory. We laughed so much we cried, and we were happy for a while.

New Year’s Eve 2010 at home in Zimbali. She looked so beautiful.

From Laura’s brother Matthew, on the first anniversary of her death

Those who die young,

die because they are angels too pure for this world.

I will never understand why you left us so early

but I know I will see you again one day

in a place free of the unhappiness of this world.

She was too pure for this world. She is happier where she is now. A flash of energy…

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