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Main image: BBC Isabella Beleni

The first hour in the morning, the door to the patio wide open and the sound of the birds chatting away, music to my ears. This is my daily meditation. Simple, and I feel serene and at peace.

However some of the calm is immediately taken away as I read today’s headlines, amongst others, the outgoing president’s rush to finalise the arms sale to Saudi Arabia. I wonder what the commission is on the transaction but I do know what the cost is. More suffering for the refugees of Yemen.

Trump administration pushing $500m arms sale to Riyadh: Reports

Critics slam reported munitions deal in final weeks of Donald Trump’s presidency as ‘outrageous’ and a ‘moral outrage’.

A few days ago, ‘Trump administration ‘is considering granting Saudi Crown Prince Salman immunity in lawsuit that accused him of sending a squad of hit men to Canada to assassinate rival’s top aide’.

I often wonder what the true nature is of their relationship.

Going through the different articles painting life today I came across two which were hopeful. The first one was about Vietnamese refugees feeding the nation:

and the other about how the Roman Polanski movie, ‘The Pianist,’ changed a young boy’s life. I remember watching the movie. Out of the ‘ugly’ came something beautiful.

Arson Fahim was five years old when he first saw Roman Polanski’s World War Two film The Pianist. Fahim was living at the time in an orphanage for Afghan refugee children in Pakistan. He walked into a room one day where children and staff were watching the film, and on screen a hungry and terrified Polish Jew was playing the piano for a German officer – playing for his life’.

What an inspiration. A message of love and peace.

Two stories about refugees who turned their lives around. Think about all the refugees that are suffering because of power and greed. I hope that one day they will be more hopeful for a better future. My thoughts are with them today.

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