The virus…

Image which I downloaded from facebook.

This blog is to highlight causes which were dear to Laura, and are important to me. Injustices, cruelty, giving a voice to those that have had their voices taken away, refugees, those detained in re-education centres (China), etc,. And to the voiceless, the millions of helpless and innocent creatures living in tortuous conditions, which are consumed by man. In honour of Laura’s memory.

A wonderful and very special man that I came across on facebook, Earthling Ed, also known as Ed Winters. Two days ago he announced that he was in process of opening The Surge Sanctuary which will ‘offer a lifelong, no-kill, safe haven and forever home to abused and unwanted animals’.

In September 2018, Winters and a small group of peopled opened a non-profit vegan restaurant in London called Unity Diner, showcasing delicious vegan cuisine, and at the same time generating the money needed to open an animal sanctuary. Two years later, The Surge Sanctuary is a reality’.

The sanctuary in the rural midlands of England and is already home to Eric the Sheep, Gus and Pete the pigs, Harold and Fredrick the turkeys, and former battery hens Camila and Chloe. All were rescued from the cruel animal agricultural industry.

I don’t pontificate. I used to eat flesh and consume dairy products. I loved cooking and eating gourmet meals, not realising the real cost of each meal. But then after a huge bloated christmas lunch where turkey and gammon were the centrepiece of the table I decided to become a vegetarian. No flesh but I still ate dairy products. It wasn’t easy living with a husband and children that were flesh eaters, and going to restaurants was a nightmare. I would often call the chef out of kitchen and demand a vegetarian dish. So the first time I was a vegetarian for a year. Then there was another year-long diet which was mainly vegetarian but I would very occasionally eat chicken or fish. Third time around, again for a year, I was a pescatarian.

I had heard the horror stories of what was really going on in these horror chambers where farmed animals where being kept but was placated by the stories that at least they were killed humanely. Those were the days before brave people managed to get inside, witness, photograph, and film what we weren’t meant to see. The ugly truth. The cruelty which I had been party to without fully realising just how bad it was.

In 2018 I watched The Broken Century.

At the time I was putting together Laura’s book, Laura’s Voice Whispers from an Angel, Phillipa Mitchell who assisted me with the typesetting became a facebook friend. One day one of her posts caught my attention and I watched the video Dominion on 6 August, one day before my birthday.

On my birthday I gave myself the best birthday present I ever received. I became a vegan.

Phillipa with her fellow humanists, would go to abbatoirs and wait for these poor animals which had been sentenced to an awful death, and as the trucks waited outside, she would pat and love them through the cages, giving them the only love they had ever received in their whole lives. The industry has since banned these vegan activists from their acts of kindness.

Please watch these videos. It is not necessary for man to eat flesh. Slowly cut it out of your diet, even if initially it’s only for one day a week. There are plant-based meat substitutes which could help the transition, which I personally don’t believe in, but if it can help in any way to reduce the demand for these ‘farmed’ creatures then yes, it’s a good thing. Even meat-eaters are now eating the plant-based version of flesh.

I gave up eating flesh and as such do not consume flesh substitutes. I do not want to be reminded of what I ate for most of my life.

You’ll find many reasons as to why you cannot change your diet, but there are many more reasons why you should become vegan.

Please watch this next video. The virus. Now there is a new strain. We finally have a vaccine but will it be effective against this new strain?

We are reaping the punishment for our inhumane behaviour. And indifference.

Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is uncertain. We only have today. Now. Be kind...

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