Words of wisdom from Laura

Part of an email from Laura to Mubarak on 27 March 2012. (Laura’s Voice Whispers from an Angel).

“We are all individuals who come from the same source, each with a unique fingerprint. That is what makes us different. As a tree has only one trunk from which many branches grow, and from that, twigs and then leaves, all different in shape and size, and each leaf has its own structure.”

“One can have a mechanical heart in a physical body but ultimately it is the spiritual body that lives. And that is why one can still feel emotion from the heart centre, because it is not the physical that governs us, it is energy, that comes from the source from which we are all connected to. And a human can die or live according to the will of Allah, whether he has a mechanical heart or not. For when it is time to die our physical bodies die, but our spiritual body lives on into other dimensions. When our time is up on this plane we move on! Death should not be feared but rather accepted as a natural process of life.”

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