Religion, human rights and animal rights

Main image: Egyptian horoscope on papyrus

Divide and rule, and ‘re-educate’. What a sick world.

Uighurs forced to eat pork as China expands Xinjiang pig farms

Former detainees claim that the forcible feeding of pork is most rampant in re-education camps and detention centres.

France: 76 mosques face closure, 66 migrants deported

As part of gov’t crackdown on ‘separatism’, mosques to be inspected as dozens suspected of ‘radicalisation’ deported.

Egypt, a country so advanced, now backwards. The pressure must not abate…

Egypt releases rights activists after global pressure

Three human rights activists freed after a month in prison after being accused of ‘joining a terror group’ and ‘spreading false news’.

And the murder four years ago of Giulio Regeni. Imagine if he had been your son, your brother, your friend…

Egypt ‘suspends’ investigation into Cambridge student’s murder

Egyptian authorities have said they are “temporarily closing” the investigation into the 2016 murder of Italian researcher Giulio Regeni, with the killer “still unknown”.

His body was discovered on 3 February in a ditch by the side of a road. His mother told the Italian parliament in 2018 that her son’s body was so disfigured that she was only able to identify him by the tip of his nose.

An Italian post-mortem examination found that Regeni had been tortured “in stages” between 25 January and the day of his death.

His body sustained injuries that showed he was beaten with “kicks, fists, sticks and clubs”, and that he died from a broken neck, prosecutors said.

Egypt has denied that Regeni died in custody although officials have admitted that security services were monitoring him.

And for the voiceless. Nothing is sacred in the name of big business and profits! When will the blundering idiot leave?

Trump admin approves oil, gas leasing in Alaska wildlife refuge

US: Arctic Refuge oil and gas lease sale set for early January

Environmental groups slam Trump administration announcement as threat to pristine wildlife area in Alaska.

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