13 November 2014…three days to Laura’s death

Some of Laura’s whatsApp messages to Mubarak on 6 November, in Laura’s Voice Whispers from an Angel.

“But spiritually you made me understand so many things, for the Love I shared with you was a deep spiritual love, just wish I could have shared it with you.

But Love is what it is…That is what makes it unconditional.

And sometimes I wish you would reply…And say what you feel, even if it hurts me… At least I will know the Truth!”

From Laura, on facebook, 15h19. “Burj Khalifa in Dubai, and the Flower of Life, have a look at DIfC, the Wafi Pyramid and Burj Khalifa and Twin towers are connected. Why Dubai is Dubai today. 777. The Tower.”

There is a lot of sacred geometry/islamic architecture in and around the Burj Khalifa. The tower was inspired by the Hymenocallis, also known as a Spider Lily.

copyright – asimchoudhri.com
copyright – iconfinder.com

The Flower of Life

One of the screens at the At the Top Sky observation deck which I photographed on my visit to the Burj Khalifa on 16 March 2015

The Hymenocallis is also on screens at the At the Top Sky observation deck. It could also be interpreted as the Flower of Life, minus two petals.

From Laura, “Shiva Shakti.” Posted at 15:06

Laura shared Guidelines of Vibrational preparation for the Twin Flame Reunion, by Liora. It is no longer available. Liora passed away. Laura always thought of Mubarak as her Twin Flame. Posted at 15:02.

In preparation for her death?

13 November 6:23:22PM Laura was at the Dubai Mall. A whatsApp message she sent to Mubarak. “I will leave from here now. Will get a taxi.”

Facebook post 15:01 – Humanity Team

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