Preparing for her return to Dubai…

Part of the timeline to Laura’s death.

Laura resigned from the spa in Doha, Qatar.

“I would rather die and be true to myself

than lose myself for a company that has no conscience!!!” 26 September 2014

Golden Princess

The street cats had been caught and were taken out into the desert to die a slow death from starvation. Laura had managed to save her cat, Golden Princess, by hiding her in a cupboard. Before her departure Laura contacted an Egyptian woman living in Qatar, Germeen Bebawy, and asked her to find a new home for Golden Princess, which she did. Thank you Germeen.

It wasn’t just the cruel methods of disposing of the cats that made Laura resign. It was also the manageress of the spa. Earlier in September Human Resources had requested that employees of the spa write reports expressing their opinion of her.

Laura didn’t mince her words. Some of her comments.

“T… talks to people in an inappropriate manner trying to make them feel inferior, (respect all people – as respect is earned not forced).

She has no clue about the business. She hires professional staff to do the job, taking ideas from everyone, then saying it’s her work.

She creates conflict rather than team building.

She sets targets that are not reachable. We have had no product training. Very unprofessional.

Constantly asking reception to keep calling clients. It is degrading, unprofessional and irritating to clients.”

If someone complains about her, Human Resources tells her and she provokes a fight with them to get them fired.”

The reports weren’t given to the owner of the spa. Instead they were given to the manageress of the spa.

Laura received her first warning on 14th October. She resigned.

Part of an email she sent to the owner of the spa.

“I need this job but resigning because I cannot pretend to be something I am not and take orders from someone not qualified to be in her position.”

She then made her first booking through at the Abidos Hotel, Dubailand, Dubai, 18 – 19 October.

On 12 October she went out on a date, something she would do very occasionally, trying to find someone to replace Mubarak in her heart. Generally after the date, she would get very depressed. There was no replacement for Mubarak.

“Just a Date not a habibi or hayeti…”

Laura on the evening of her date
The venue

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