Who would want to watch a movie about an octopus?

That is exactly what I thought when saw the title of the movie, ‘My Octopus Teacher’. I love nature so I thought, “Let me look at the trailer,” and I was hooked. Yesterday I watched the movie. It is touchingly beautiful, filmed in a kelp forest in Simons Town, South Africa, and could be described as a love story, the interaction between producer Craig Foster who starred in the movie, and a ‘common’ little octopus, a creature that one doesn’t usually associate with emotion. How little we know about so many other species that share this world with us.

It has won Best Feature Film at the 2020 EarthxFilm Festival and has received 8 Jackson Wild nominations in the following categories, Best Ecosystem Film, Best People and Nature Film Long Form, Best Science in Nature Film Long Form and Best Feature Film, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Original Music Score, Best Audioscape. It is one of the most important nature film competitions in the world,

It is also a nominee for the 2020 Wildscreen Panda Awards – the highest honour in the international wildlife film and TV content industry, for Underwater Photography, Aerials, Topside Photography, and Additional Photography.

A link to an article about the movie.


Craig Foster is a co-founder of the Sea Change Trust and one of the world’s leading natural history filmmakers.

“Remember you are WILD. Storytelling for ocean conservation.”

“Our work is motivating scientists, policymakers and individuals
to engage meaningfully with nature and protect our oceans.”

The link to his website:


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