From Laura…August 2012

The photograph was taken at the apartment where Laura lived upon her return to Dubai from Saudi Arabia.

After Laura’s death I spoke to her teacher in Portugal. His description of Laura. “I will remember her as a kind-hearted soul, with a sincere desire to live in integrity with herself and with the world. She liked to be called Noura, as the name means light.”

An extract from Laura’s Voice Whispers from an Angel, August 2012.

“Where we live to uphold truth and find truth, and the only truth that we find is deceit and lies. Ignorance is the only truth that exists in this world. The ignorance of the true oneness and love for all. The realisation that we all play a part in the bigger scheme of things. But instead we all walk blindly claiming that we are Christians, Jews, Muslims, yet we pay no respect to our equality as humans.”

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