Out of the Great Silence by Blake Steele

Laura shared this poem on her facebook in September 2013 while she was living in Portugal.

Out of the Great Silence
comes the slow, white tornado,
breathing us, rocking us
in the rhythms of stars,
in the cadences of galaxies.
The long, slow breath,
in and out… twirling around
moulding us
out of Nothing, forming
us like a genius glass blower:
our delicate lines,
our silvery guts,
our bones of steel,
our soft skin.
Sometimes, when we are as still
as dew in grass
something enters us,
catches us up,
blesses us with the benedictions
of worlds of Light,
of free Beings,
of aspen trees,
of purple bean flowers.
This is the long, slow tidal
surge of God,
this is the heartbeat
of Creation.

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