Islam, Golden Princess and Mubarak

Picture of Golden Princess sitting on Laura’s lap.

Three recurring themes in the last year of Laura’s life.

Working at a spa in Doha, Qatar, Laura took a little starving street kitten into her room, loving it and feeding it, calling it Golden Princess. Loneliness finds friends in nature.

All the cats were being rounded up in the compound to be taken out into the desert and left there, abandoned, to die a slow painful death. Golden Princess was one of them. Fortunately she was one of the cats that escaped.  Laura could not work for a company without a conscience, and she left. As she was leaving Laura gave Golden Princess to a wonderful Egyptian women who would find homes for cats, and some time after Laura’s death, a good home was  found for her.

Islam. Laura questioned everything, sending emails to the Islamic Centre in Dubai, long messages which were patiently answered in detail. She had dabbled in many religions but on 19 June 1996, in the Johannesburg suburb of Lenasia, she made a declaration of faith in Islam. After meeting Mubarak her faith grew stronger as she believed it brought Mubarak closer to her.

Mubarak, the love of her life. Obsession. Pain. Death.

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