From Laura…Innocence

16 May 2010…Laura was in Saudi Arabia. Part of a note she wrote.


The world driven by lust and greed

the mind so deceived

the body so corrupt!


We were born from the source

but hidden it has become in darkness frowned!


An innocent child once we all were

from a pool of love

that from which we were born

then into this world we descended

and upon its darkness we fell…


Mistakes were made in deceit

misled we became…


Our innocence has been lost

so far it has become

that do we even recall what it is.



Where has it gone?

That light that once upon

this world did shine…


To fall in love

to feel love

to understand love.


But now as we grow

the further from it we become,

as it has all become but just an illusion

a myth.


Does love even exist?

Did love ever exist,

we question’?

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