Along Came a Spider

A lot of my blogs have been negative and in a world that’s in turmoil I will occasionally write about nature, my experiences, and bring to life the other residents of the world. A love for nature was one of the few things that Laura and I had in common.

Respecting all creatures begins with parents teaching their children how to keep still and to observe, instead of chasing and destroying. Sometimes looking through the eyes of a child is not that innocent.

Along Came a Spider

I opened the postbox

it was empty

but sitting on the inside of the door

was a huge spider

with huge pincers

and a big round body.


And it was hairy.


It’s winter and it’s cold

and it looks like

it’s going to stay for the season.


I don’t get any post

so why not?


I closed the door and left it there



The mind got active

what if

what if it had a hundred babies

and if I did get post

how would I retrieve it.


I wouldn’t put my hand in there.


So, logic won the battle

and the next morning

I opened the postbox door

and it was still sitting there.


It looked so comfortable.


Some visitors are wanted

and others aren’t.


So, I left the door wide open

saying in a polite way

you’re not welcome to stay

there’s a whole forest out here

where you can make your home.


I checked on it an hour later

I didn’t have to ask twice.


It was gone.

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