Even In Love…a poem by Nathlie Handal

Today I am sharing a poem by French-American poet and writer, Nathalie Handal, born to a Palestinian family from Bethlehem.

Wars continue unabated during the days of Covid-19, and new wars are just beneath the surface, waiting to become reality. This is a sick world where man is forgotten in the quest for ego and greed by cloaked leaders hungry for power and financial reward. We can all live peacefully alongside each. I hate to imagine what is like to live in one of these war torn countries.

As Laura would say, “Love,” a very simple but powerful emotion.

Even In Love

I try to tell you there isn’t a part of you missing

That even if it has damaged you I want to be close to your wound

It’s your heart that undresses me when you don’t touch me

It’s your noise that blows open my darkness

And maybe, I ask (but never ask you)

The hole you fell into is nothing

It’s what remains around it that matters

But even in love war inhabits me


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